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On a side note…

I’ve been going through a phase lately where I’m craving some girl-girl-guy action. I’ve started looking for a bi girl to join me on some of my adventures. So far just first dates… Unicorns are so rare! 🦄

3 thoughts on “Please Subscribe!”

    1. I know! I’m so sorry! A couple things have come up as to why…
      1) I badly need to hire a video editor to do all the production work for me.
      2) Still testing different ways to capture video.
      3) My day job is stupid busy this month which has caused my sex drive to go down.

      Meanwhile I’ve got prospects a plenty. No time or effort to put in to them (or should I say on to them).

      I will come back soon with a bunch of updates!

      1. Totally understand 🙂 take your time you do great work :). Totally get the stupid busy work my company is buying companies and expanding rapidly and I had to fire one of my employees for sexual harassment smh stupid people right… hope things get calm soon your fan Kori

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