My First Entry

Hey guys… I wanted to let you know about my vision for this site… You see, I’ve had a “greater than ‘normal’ but less than ‘crazy'” sex life. I learned early on that I enjoy sex but relationships are tough. So who needs them! My best friend in college introduced me to dating multiple guys at once, and as long as you are up front about being non-exclusive, then there is no rules being broken. Sure, some people call it being slutty, but why is promiscuity socially acceptable for guys, but not for girls? Talk about double standard!

Anyways… I’m very open with my friends about who I am and what I do. I am also a little bit OCD so I keep a “black book” to keep a tally of how many notches are on my bed post as well as nicknames I may have used for the guys. Over the years I’ve heard comments like “you should write a book” but I just hate taking the time to sit down and write! Recently I started getting more and more into making home videos of my hookups. That lead to the idea that I could make a “video diary” blog and let the videos speak for themselves. Well, mostly. I still plan to write a little blurb about the scene, but I will keep it short!

Speaking of keeping it short… I will give you guys more of my back story in my About Me section soon!

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