Lesson #2

Don’t be a selfish fucker!

Nothing irks me more than a guy that expects me to suck his dick before sex but doesn’t want to lick my pussy!

Society has taught women to “please their man” but not to demand fair reciprocation. As if women must put on a stellar performance and do whatever necessary to please the guy, even if that means at the expense of their own comfort, so they will be happy and come back for more. I say fuck that!

A woman’s clitoris is the biological equivalent to the head of a man’s penis. Just like how a man needs to be stimulated to increase circulation and get an erection, so does a woman’s clitoris! Not only does the clitoris become swollen, but also the tissue that extends down the sides of the vagina.

A lot of women cannot orgasm from intercourse alone, they can only come from direct clitoral stimulation. For some that means oral intercourse, others require the intense vibrations of a toy. This is common!

I have found over the years that I can reach orgasm from intercourse IF my clit has been given plenty of attention first. It takes a really long time to get from zero to explosions without any manipulation first – longer than the typical 15 minute session that a guy can last. Whereas adequate foreplay produces multiple orgasms that get stronger and stronger.

If a guy doesn’t want go down on me, that tells me he doesn’t care about my pleasure. That’s what I call a selfish fucker. Now, being a selfish fucker is not an automatic disqualification. He may have other qualities that warrant a repeat hookup. What it does mean is he won’t be enjoying the sloppy wet pleasures of my mouth and throat ever again! Fair is fair and I don’t owe him anything!

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