#92 – Handyman – 3/28/17

#: 92
NICKNAME: Handyman
HOW WE MET: Tinder

STORY: It had been a while since I have seen this guy. In fact, I had cut this guy off completely not once, but twice! Then after a few months he reached out to me and I responded, starting a conversation that lead up to me going other there.

I had my reservations the whole time. I think the little voice in my head was screaming “why are you doing this?!” But I did it anyways. I was annoyed about everything the whole night. I will spare you the bitching and jump to the less boring part.

We were in the shower together. He is over a foot and a half taller than me, so as we were standing there he realized that he could put his dick between my breasts with little effort. I pushed my tits together and he rubbed his hard cock between them as the warm water ran over us.

We wrapped up in the shower and went to his bed. I was freezing cold so I immediately dove under the covers. He snuggled up behind me to keep me warm. He started pressing against my thigh and I could feel him getting hard again.

I turned my back to him so he could rub against my ass. He started to fuck me from behind and I was quickly reminded of his quirky rhythm thing. He has to do this quick-quick-quick-slooow pattern. I can’t match his irregular rhythm so I can’t do anything but lay there. Like a log…

He reached around to grab my tit as leverage as he used me to get off. I remember thinking “how long is this going to take” Needless to say, I did not have an orgasm that night.

On my way home I decided it was guilt that drove me to his house that night. Not sure why yet.

LESSONS LEARNED: Leave the past in the past.

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