#123 – The Scientist – 4/15/17

#: 123
NICKNAME: The Scientist

STORY: It wasn’t supposed to happen. I swear! But I think everyone knew it would. There has been a lot of sexual tension between us. So much so that we have actually talked about it. We came to an agreement: nothing wrong with two horny friends that have needs as long as we don’t have sex. We both agreed that things don’t end well when friends have sex.


After a long night of drinking and baking (both in the kitchen and in the head) we ended up completely passing out. But in the morning, once the snuggles started, it was all down hill from there!

It didn’t take very long for things to escalate from a leg and arm wrapped around him to spooning, and everyone knows what happens after spooning! Ok, maybe you don’t, but I do! I couldn’t help but wiggle my ass up against him. Something about feeling him getting hard against me really gets me going.

I grabbed his dick and pulled it out of his briefs and put him in the crease between my thighs. I got even more excited when I felt how long and thick his dick is. I started rubbing him against me with my boxer shorts on. He was grabbing at my shorts to pull them up or over so I finally gave in and pulled them down.

I continued to rock back and forth to rub him against my bare flesh. He started to work his way between my lips which made his dick wet and slippery. Feeling how wet I was and hearing the sloppy sounds it made was so hot. It was so difficult to resist the urge to slip him in me, but I was also really enjoying the feeling of him rubbing against my clit. Just no sex, right? This is gonna be tough!

He reached around to rub my clit and I could hear my breathing suddenly change as soon as he touched it. I could tell he was a little thrown back by my clit piercing and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Oh shit, have I ever told him I had that done? My bad! He scooted down a little bit behind me and went back to rubbing his dick between my wet lips.

And then it happened… he pulled back and paused when he was against my vagina opening. He very slowly pressed his dick inside me. It felt like he had to go slow in order to push his thick dick inside my small pussy. Or he was just savoring it. All that sexual tension leading up to that one moment.

As he started thrusting inside me suddenly there was a voice inside my head saying “but you weren’t supposed to have sex!” and “what about a condom?” Shit. But I had lost all power to stop by that point. My head said it was a bad idea, but my body wanted more. Wanted harder. Wanted faster. I was so turned on and the naughtiness of it all wasn’t helping matters.

I rolled onto my stomach and pulled him with me so he was on top of me. He straddled my thighs while I lifted my ass up in the air. He was sitting upright and thrusting into me. He was going so deep that I could feel him hitting my cervix. After he pounded me for a bit I lowered down so we laid flat. He laid flat on my back and used a rocking motion into me. I clenched my muscles around his dick to intensify each of his slow deep thrusts.

My watch was blowing up. Wtf. I’m busy, leave me alone. He is getting tired and needs a break. That better not mean that he’s done! I’m not done! I went to reach over him to pull out the bottle of lube when he gave my ass a loud smack. A good sign that he’s not done either. I started giving him a hand job using a variety of strokes and directions, paying close attention to his reactions.

I was so giddy when I found his sweet spot at his frenulum! I hope my smirk wasn’t showing. It was like I found his weakness. Cue the evil chuckle. I twisted my hand around to cup his head while pressing my fingertips against his frenulum. I stroked him with increasing speed, focusing on just the tip. He was rock hard and I could tell I would make him explode if I kept going. I took things down a notch and stroked the full length of his shaft. I had a plan…

I climbed on top and sat down on him. I started messing around with different moves that involved going up and down on the full length of him. He definitely likes when I bounce on the tip. I did a little twerking move for him. But then it was time to get down to business…

I sat down all the way so he was deep inside me and started rocking back and forth. I was picking up speed. I could hear the bed shaking and squeaking as it jerked forcefully. I went faster. I leaned back and felt him hitting my gspot while I was grinding my clit against him. I had my hand behind me and almost squeezed the shit out of his thighs as I came, but I caught myself and let go. Afterwards I collapsed forward on him. As I recovered, I started to slowly go up and down again, building it back up as my sensativity subsided.

After a couple more orgasms like that I wanted to mix things up, so I got up on my feet and started bouncing up and down in what I call the “froggy” move. While bouncing up and down I could feel that I was getting closer to an orgasm, I just needed something faster than what I could do in that position. I needed him to take over. Somehow he figured it out and he started to quickly thrust up into me sending me into another orgasm.

I can’t be on my feet for very long before my legs feel like they are going to fall off. As I went to get down, he instead rolled me over onto my back. As he did, he rolled with me so his dick never left my pussy. Something about staying interlocked is so sexy. Things seem to progress from one position to the next so seamlessly.

I held the back of my knees while he pounded me. I had an orgasm each time he built up to the quick pace that I need. He went to rub my clit but I reached down to show him how I liked it. I ended up slipping my fingers down around the sides of his shaft so they would rub against him as he went in and out of me. I turned my fingers to wrap around the underside so I could hit his sweet spot. I’m not sure how well it worked, but I can’t imagine that it felt bad!

After pounding away for a bit he was spent so he laid down next to me. I went right back to stroking him. I was on a mission. Right as he was getting close I could hear a knock on the door. Oh fuck! Just keep going! But then he says “no wait, stop!” Shit! But then I saw the stream of cum shoot out and I realized all was not lost. I grabbed him around his shaft and slowly squeezed the rest of the cum out of him.

I glanced at my watch. I had a text from my sister that she was here with my niece. Fuck. It’s Easter Sunday. I ran out of the bedroom and told him to lock it after me while he got dressed. I am so thankful that she doesn’t have a key!

LESSONS LEARNED: I am playing with fire. Maybe I have a thing for forbidden fruit…

Oral? Idk.

Kissing? No.

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