#121 – The Dentist – 3/23/17

#: 121
NICKNAME: The Dentist
HOW WE MET: Tinder


Let me start off by apologizing for not having any media with this post. I’m sorry, but I just can’t record them all…

I met the dentist for a drink at a bar near my place. After determining that he wasn’t a creeper and some flirting and innocent touching started happening I invited him back to my place.

We went to the bedroom and started making out and undressing. He asked if I would suck his dick, so I did. It didn’t take him very long until he used his hand to “firmly suggest” taking his dick further into my throat. He then held me down until I was gagging. He loved it. I came up and rubbed my hand up and down in the thick layer of saliva then went back for more.

Pretty soon he was asking for a condom, so I grabbed one out of the nightstand. He pushed me onto my back then went to slide inside of me. As he slowly pushed his way in he said “oh my god you are so tight” and started to do a few slow pumps. I wasn’t sure if he liked slow sex or was just trying not to lose it, but I wouldn’t get anywhere at that pace so I asked if I could get on top of him.

Once I was on top I messed around for a bit going up and down the full length of his cock, but then it was time to get down to business. I started rocking back and forth getting faster and faster until I came. I slowed down a bit for a minute to catch my breath but then sped back up to do it again. He loved how wet I got when I came.

After I came the third time I was starting to get bored so I told him it was his turn. He grabbed my hips and held me up so I was bouncing up and down on the head of his dick then occasionally all the way down. He did that for a little bit until he lifted me off and used his hand to finish stroking himself while he came.

As we lay in bed recovering I asked how he felt about oral. “I like my dick sucked, if that’s what you mean.”
“No, I mean do you like to lick pussy?”
“I’ve done it before…” he trailed off.
“But it’s not really your thing?”
“Not really.”
All I said was “That’s too bad.” He got a pretty good BJ as a freebie, but that was it. If he won’t give me adequate foreplay, then I won’t give it to him. I laid there and wondered how we got to this point and I hadn’t asked already. Or did I but he lied? I’ve had that happen before!

After settling into bed for a “nap” and getting all comfy in the spooning position I couldn’t help myself and reached behind me to play with his dick. He quickly got hard and ready to go so I grabbed a condom for him. He asked if I wanted to suck his dick first, I said no, just fuck me. We started in the spooning position, then he rolled on top and straddled my thighs so he could thrust into me from behind. He was messing around with his angle, changing from straight down to an upward angle (much better btw).

Then he asked me to ride his dick until I came again. This time he wanted me to tell him when I was about to come. As I was picking up speed all I could really get out was some progressively louder “yeah, yeah, yeah’s.” I just couldn’t form the words. I figured that was close enough.

I came twice before he did the same thing as before where he held me up on the end of his dick until he started to come and lifted me off. Afterwards his energy level was back up so he got dressed and left.

Will I see him again? Maybe, but I don’t plan on reaching out to him. If he asks to come over again then I get to inform him that I do not give oral to guys that don’t reciprocate. We’ll see how it takes that.

LESSONS LEARNED: Don’t be selfish fuckers guys!

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